Message From Chairman

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Md. Abul Basher Millat


Digilab Medical Services Ltd. embarked on its journey as a diagnostic center in 2004 with a commitment to deliver high-quality healthcare services for the people of our country at an affordable price. Our mission also involves minimizing the number of outgoing patients seeking treatment abroad, which results in substantial foreign currency expenses.

Bangladesh is a rapidly growing and developing nation, particularly in the healthcare sector. While my initial aim was to become a specialist doctor, circumstances led me into the diagnostic business, which has become a unique and fulfilling profession. We have encountered numerous challenges along the way, but through dedication and continuous efforts from our medical professionals and well-trained administrative staff, Digilab has evolved into a trusted service provider that is synonymous with commitment.

In pursuit of our objectives and the assurance of quality services, I have consistently sought out skilled talents and motivated them. As an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector, I prioritize placing the right people in appropriate roles. I firmly believe that hard work, competence, good conduct, and honesty are the cornerstones of individual success and career excellence. Every success story is a source of inspiration for our productivity, which is devoted to the welfare of people and a spirit of giving.

Our esteemed doctors and dedicated colleagues have consistently served as a source of inspiration for me, pushing me to take on new tasks and engage in charitable efforts. May the Almighty's grace lead us to our organization's great prosperity.

Best Wishes

Md. Abul Basher Millat